What happened to your blogs?

Now that I’m getting back into schools I’ve been asked this a few times recently. The honest answer is that I felt the need to pause. I had to consider why I was writing them and who for.

If it’s to support my teacher friends then they are already doing an amazing job. It’s incredible how much school staff have achieved this year; the new skills they’ve had to learn almost instantly, the relentlessness of keeping on top of new procedures as well as old, the emotionally exhausting challenge of responding to the needs of children and families and communities whilst supporting colleagues at the same time and all of this alongside the unwavering pressures of curriculum and assessment...

Or is it for my parent friends to share ideas around supporting their children’s education at home? Let’s be honest, the most important thing we can do for our kids through this is to be there. Be present - if you can. But it’s hard. My close friends who are also parents are all struggling in one way or another, in their own way, with their story. Nobody is finding this easy. I stopped blogging because let’s give ourselves a break - it’s bloody hard right now. And if all you feel like you’re doing is surviving day to day then good on you - I’d take that as a win!

Now I’m off to finish off the full box of Jaffa cakes I’ve devoured in one day whilst working from home and to crack open the wine. In the words of Dory, “Just keep swimming...”

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