The Adventure Begins...

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

After 15 years I've made the difficult decision to leave a school I love. A school where the team are a family, the leaders are positive and realistic, and where the children's emotional well-being is the heartbeat of the school. I know - I must be mad!

I have a class of 30 amazing children and, as every teacher knows, the needs of your class always come first. They have to. I also lead maths and EYFS, two areas I'm really passionate about, and so, for now, I have relinquished my class management responsibilities to pursue my obsession with early maths.

My own children are 5 and 7. I have watched their resilience, problem-solving, confidence, perseverance, independence and determination flourish from babies through their amazing day-care nursery and a wonderful school nursery. I have witnessed both as a teacher and a parent what happens to these 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' as children move through our compulsory education system. My children attend a wonderful school. I work at a fantastic school. Teachers work incredibly hard and no negativity is intended at teaching staff. They do an amazing job. But the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' - the stuff that really matters - that will shape who my children become as adults - that gets lost in our education system amidst external pressures and tests and targets.

I love maths. I love teaching it. I love learning it. (Incidentally, I hated it at high school!) Maths is one area where I know these 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' can be present in every lesson, every day, even with current testing pressures. I am leaving my class of 30 wonderful children and a team of amazing educators to pursue this.

Wish me luck!

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