Outdoor Maths Fun

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Two simple garden games which bring in key ideas of the primary maths curriculum.

Playing Catch

Game - Pass the ball ten times without dropping it. On ten, move further apart. For each ten that we achieve, we win a beanbag.

Maths Learning - For Harry (key stage 1) this was consolidating keeping count, knowing how many more to make 10, and counting in 10s by counting the beanbags (we were aiming for 100 i.e.10 beanbags). For both Harry and Isla this also brought in the key idea of 'unitizing' as one beanbag represents a group of ten. This is a key idea of early maths and fundamental to understanding of place value which feeds into formal calculations and understanding of money and measures.

Tally Charts

Game - We used a stone to draw a hopscotch grid and played that but really you could do this with any game where you keep score.

Maths Learning - For Harry he was using addition facts within 20 and counting in 5s. Isla was interpreting data through the use of the tally chart and she took the game further for her level by applying multiplication facts. She worked out how many groups of 5 she needed if it was first to 75. She also decided that each point (tally) was worth 3 instead of 1 and she then worked out their new scores using her 3 times table.

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