Exploring Arrays

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

My 6yo was watching BBC Bitesize for his maths today. Both my kids really enjoy these sessions (although I’m always mixing it up with many other resources that are out there - variety is key to their engagement!). The video was great but in order for him to understand the concept - he needed to experience it, to feel it, to actually do it! After ALOT of play and discussion around the key vocabulary of rows, columns, equal and groups, he really started to get the idea. But - only through playing with the idea of an array, making it himself, and through learning from his misconceptions (e.g. When he said 10x10=20, it was only through making the array and talking about what he was doing and what he could see did he discover 100 for himself.).

Interestingly, this was not the Y3 lesson for his sister but the ideas captured her interest and she began exploring 7s and 9s - the multiplication tables she finds it hard to recall. Through her own exploration with arrays she realised she could see facts within facts...

Whilst this discovery may not make her quicker at recall, it will certainly encourage her flexibility with number facts and support efficiency with mental calculation of larger numbers.

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