DIY Board Games

A reusable 'around the house' maths project using stuff you have at home...

1. Make Playing Pieces - made from salt dough which is 1 cup of flour, 1/2 cup of salt, 1/2 cup of water, children mould them then cook them in the oven until hard (but could just as easily use playdough, toys, buttons, coins, lego etc.)

2. Make Dice - the children had to create their own and they chose cubes of carrots and drew the dots on (They also experimented with potato cubes, lego cubes and wrapping a Rubix cube in paper.)

3. Game Tracks - drawn on paper and in cardboard boxes

4. Rules - made by them... See below...

Our Games So Far...

Game #1 Made by Harry

Times Table Treasure

Divide the paper into 3 columns and put a sweet on each multiple of 3. Take turns to roll the carrot. Move your chosen salt dough piece. If you land on a number in the 3 x table, you win the sweet treasure. You can move forwards or backwards to try to get the treasure.

Game #2 Made by Isla

Multiplication Mix Up

Write a times table question on each space of the track. Place jewels (salt dough balls) along the track. Roll 2 carrot dice and add them together. Move your playing piece that many spaces left or right. Answer the question of the space you land on. If you are right, you win the jewel.

Game #3 Made by Isla

Fraction Fun

Choose a playing piece and put it anywhere on the track. Roll the die. Move your character. Take the fraction of a biscuit you land on. The winner is the first person to make 3 whole biscuits.

(A little note - fractions should be equal parts and this is tricky when snapping biscuits so we replayed this with toast and fruit which could be divided equally.)

Game #4 Made by Harry

Speed Way Racing

Place cars on the start line. Roll the carrot. Move that number of places. First to the finish line wins! Harry also added 'Watch out for the Panda!' So, you have to land exactly on 11 to win - any more than that and you get eaten up by the Panda in the middle!


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