DAY 1 in our CV-19 House...

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Yesterday my kids had their last day at school for who knows how long. I can't even begin to express what an amazing job their teachers & all school staff did in keeping them calm and happy and 'business as usual'. To school teams everywhere - you are incredible! My thoughts around how we would approach this family isolation time have varied from clear routines and home tuition to let them play. And as it turns out, today, just like in every day that I ever taught in school, my kids have shown me the way...

Today we haven't had a formal routine or schedule. We have gone with the flow following their interests. This is roughly what we did...

After the usual morning chill out in front of the TV, and since we didn't have to rush around, the kids helped me make breakfast and so today they made their first dippy eggs and soldiers 'by themselves' (ish!). Lots of language and science happening here. They then had daddy time whilst I worked and they played card games together (Rummy and 21), followed by football in the garden and then tidied their rooms properly (since we now have time to actually teach them how to make a bed in a way where mam doesn't have to redo it later!). Maths, PE and PSHE all going on here. Isla loves dancing and making up her own little routines so, knowing that her school homework pack has times tables included, I showed her how to do rolling numbers and she came up with her own little 3s dance which kept her busy for a while rehearsing in front of her mirror...

After lunch they wanted to spend the afternoon playing in the garden. I found some old beanbags we've had since they were toddlers and they made up loads of games of their own. They recently had a French day in school where they had learnt the colours so we played relays and trampoline catch with the bean bags using French colour names. They halved them, listed the colours the other one had to find and played hide-n-seek with them (this entertained them for AGES!!!!). French, maths, PE, PSHE covered.

After tea they got out the chapter books they had received for Christmas which we never thought we'd have time to read. Isla started reading Gangsta Granny aloud to me and Harry and his dad shared chapter one of Harry Potter & the Philosopher's Stone. In between all of this they did their usual snacks, iPad/Xbox, Netflix and PLENTY of sibling fights.

My kids have learnt today. And they have loved it. Without any worksheets or textbooks or workbooks. And I have absolutely loved having the time to spend time doing what they enjoy. I'm hoping these next few weeks/months will give my children the opportunity to learn things that often get overlooked in a busy school curriculum with assessment and accountability pressures. My children only want my time and now I have the chance to give it.

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