Coin Game #1

The purpose of my posts is to share maths ideas for parents that don't require printing or technology, are fun to do together, only use stuff you have at home and the children learn without knowing it is a maths lesson...

What we used - 2p and 1p coins

What to do - Count out a combination of 2s and 1s to make 20p (per child). Hide the coins in different places to make a treasure hunt. The children have to collect enough treasure (coins) to make 20p. Once they have their 20p, they can spend it on snacks in whatever combination of amounts they choose.

The Maths - Recognising coins, counting in 2s, sorting into 1s and 2s, sorting into groups of 10p, addition to make 20, subtraction from 20, finding different ways to make 20, exploring different possibilities (what's the largest number of sweets I can get for my 20p), understanding and using the language of money (pounds, pence, cost, change, amount, each)

Adapting it -

Make it harder: For more challenge, use different combinations of coins including silver and give them a larger total to make 50p or £1. You could also make the prices of the snacks numbers which are not multiples of 5 or 10 so they are harder to add.

Make it easier: Use only 2s or 1s and give them a total of 10p.

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