Children Know Best!

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Yesterday my kids brought all their soft toys downstairs and started playing teachers. An indication, perhaps, that they're missing school. Their own learning, whilst teaching their teddies, was amazing to watch...

They used their own activity cards to make the class a schedule and chose the times. I showed Harry how to draw o'clock times and Isla practised quarter of an hour and 5 minute intervals.

They chose picture books and read their class stories. Reading and phonics practice done in a fun, relaxed, voluntary way. They designed a points chart with a competition of who will get to 20 first - drawing their attention to 'how many more to make 20' and allowing rehearsal of addition and subtraction facts within 20 (of course, their favourite teddies that they've had since they were babies are currently leading on the points chart). Today they've decided the class want to have a tea party so they've made a dinner register and are currently busy in the kitchen choosing snacks and making their pupils' packed lunches...

Mr Harry and Miss Isla are doing a fantastic job at their own home schooling. Learning through their imaginative play... I wonder where they'll take their class today...

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