Bin Bags and Phone Timers

No IPads, no printing, no maths resources... Just bin bags, soft toys and a phone...

This started as a science experiment. We cut bin bags into squares, cellotaped string to each corner and then tied them to the children's teddy bears to make parachutes. We used the stopwatch on an IPhone to time what difference the parachute made to the teddy bears' fall. This led to a discussion around minutes and seconds on the stopwatch but also tenths and hundredths of a second with Isla (Y3) asking, "If there are 60 seconds in a minute and 60 seconds in an hour, why do the last two digits on the timer go to 100?"

With an interest in using the stopwatch and wanting to be outside, we timed how long to do various activities. The activities were chosen by the children. They learnt how to make an estimate as an educated guess and then loved the activity of seeing whether they were right or wrong. As a final task, we looked at how far apart the actual time taken was from their estimate and calculated the difference.

A fun and easy active maths activity using what we already have at home!

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